Friday, September 30

The Royal Ascot Goat Race.

This is a day that is never really about the goats. Its pretty much a fashion event as opposed to watching goats race. Lots of beautiful people, hats,dresses and heels, food ,music...Well its supposed to be the equivalent of the Royal Ascot , but i mean why use horses when we have goats? trust Ugandans to get any excuse to party..."social event" now how could we miss that!
Its however always nice if you have an invite to a hospitality tent. Here you find great music, free food and drinks. A place to relax and mingle "after" watching the race, are u kidding me!  we natives hit the tents before,during and after the race, we leave the tourists to watch the goats race.
No offence but i mean these guys run around our backyards, streets, we even play with them, so Noooo i ain't donning high heels and a cute dress to go watch them goats race.. am hitting the tents tout suite!
Luckily my friends and i had invites to 2 tents, so we just did what we do best...socialise.

An overload and not so clear pics from the event. It was a sunny and bright morning, got cloudy and rainned in the afternoon,then the gods were merciful and let us party the night away...

My dress was made by the amazing Wambuyi, a Kenyan designer, thanks babes,i love it. Check out  her WEBSITE

ribbon cutting to open the ceremony

My bfs killing it on the dance flour.

P.s, Sadly the winning goat gets eaten! i mean reeeally...why race? fight for Ur winning rights goats!!


  1. The african dresses are gorgeooous ^^ Im so in love with them

  2. your dresses are so cute;; i like african dresses!

  3. That dress left me speechless! It is absolutely amazing!

  4. that dress is banging girl! i love your skin tone absolutely gorgeous

    thanks for stopping by! xoxo

  5. Les robes sont vraiment très jolies !!

  6. is that a wambui mukenyi dress?? its fab, love it :)

  7. Thx alot ladies.
    Yes Stylifiq it is a WM.

  8. You all look fab! Love the dresses

  9. I would recognize WM just about have pulled the dress so look FAB:)

  10. I love love love your dress! x


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