Friday, February 17

Skin Care 101

Hello Ladies,

The scorching sun in Africa and in Uganda to be exact compelled me to write this post.
Lately temperatures have been 30 degrees and above and My skin is screaming "what are you doing to me". so i thought why not write about how to keep your skin fresh and smooth and beat this sun at its game.
Therefore apart from the everyday advise, like wear sunscreen, wear a hat, or some that are either unavoidable like, keep away from the sun, below is my Skin care 101,to keep your skin hydrated and happy.
  1. Water
Every body by now knows that water is your number 1 friend when it comes to skin care regardless of the weather. Water keeps Ur skin hydrated. Adequate intake of water is said to enhance health, increase energy levels, bright,clear eyes and a radiant glowing complexion. I know its not the tastiest of drinks and we would rather take sodas and juice but what the hell...think "amazing skin" and just drink up ladies!

2. Exfoliating.

Exfoliating removes dead cells from the uppermost layer of skin to reveal the fresher, younger skin underneath.
Since my skin is sensitive,i usually prefer natural home made products whenever i can, my mum introduced me to "olive oil honey sugar scrub" an i have never looked back. Using this scrub is good for sensitive/ dry skin. While sugar exfoliates,olive oil is moisturising,and honey helps locks in moisture, making your skin glow, younger and healthier.
Be sure however to blend the sugar before mixing the 3 items together and also use unrefrigerated honey as refrigerated honey is hard and wont mix easily. And the gem is it works for both the face and body.

3. Moisturising.

With this scorching sun,we loose alot of moisture and need to moisturise even more than ever.
Shea butter is my miracle moisturiser, it has Vitamins A and E. Vitamin A  has soothing and hydrating properties, while Vitamin E balances and normalises the skin. It helps keep skin clear and healthy and is particularly beneficial for sun-exposed skin.

My Mama provides me with locally made crude unperformed Shea butter which is better,but boy ooh boy doesn't it make Ur boyfriend cringe his face when he kisses a freshly moisturised face! BUT worry less because if it wasn't smooth and clear he wouldn't be kissing it i just spread that Shea butter baibe like my life depended on IT! 
You can however add scented oils like vanilla and lavender but i prefer not to as the smell clears off after 5 minutes anyway.
I also like to use baby oil all over my body after a bath when Ur not dry as it locks in moisture. Be sure to add you favourite body lotion or cream after as it alone may not work effectively in this heat.


Every body however has what works miracles for them,and what may work for me, my not work for you,and vise verse. So if you have something good,stick to it, otherwise it doesn't hurt to try till you find what works for you.

A skin care regime is essential for every lady, so adopt one,and get out there and enjoy the sun ladies.

Tuesday, February 14

Valentine Chic

Happy Valentines Day lovely People

And if your going out to night, keep it simple,chic and sexy.
And for those who will be getting freaky tonight,dont forget to throw on that sexy lingerie,its the highlight of the day...
And shoutout to all the ladies who are in their period...hahahaa,well dont worry you will bring ur sexy back another day.
Valentine Chic


Saturday, February 11

Beach Chic

Its funny how one side of the world is freezing and everybody is layering to keep warm, and the other side is burning with occupants undressing and wishing it were legal to walk naked.
If you are in Africa and Uganda in particular,you should me boiling somewhere and literally dripping of sweat, its 39degrees and there is no excuse for not being at the beach,doing nothing but nothing serious!
My idea of what would be ideal in this weather.
Beach Chic


Friday, February 10

Afro Belle - Julia Sar-Jamois

Julia Sarr Jamois!
Apart from adoring  her impeccable style, i have the biggest crush on her hair, i think i would go for a hair sniff instead of a hand shake if i met her,yeah creepy i know!

Have a fabulous Friday and rock those tresses.

Saturday, February 4


Hello natural divas,
Its Frobruary, this is Ur month! YES its also the month of love i know that! So fall in love with Ur natural tresses and rock them this month.

P.s, 1 thing i wasn't ever blessed with is thick hair, my hair is very soft, very curly, never really grows and is literally sparsely populated . You know that, mega thick, bootylicious,voluptuous,supper big, Afro belle, Ludacris kinda Afro? yeah,I'l never have that!! I seriously need me some serious hair regime and prayers. Any advice??

Thursday, February 2

In the Jungle

Check out Mara Hoffman's 2012 S/S Collection.

 One word....BEAUTIFUL!


Hello Fabulous ladies,
 Its been a while, been away on holiday,getting drunk,fat, and doing charity staff with friends that am so excited to share the experience with everyone.
However for now what do you thing about the beautiful editorial in the February 2012 edition of L'official Paris magazine?