I am Redemptor but am mostly called Remmy because when i was younger people always had difficulty pronouncing my name.
I started Black Gold a year ago because of an urge to share my personal style, life stories, as well as share all the things i am passionate about, like fashion, beauty, photography and very recently interior design.

Why Black Gold? Well when i was younger i always used to get teased about my skin torn, i was not always the darkest at school but for some reason i always got picked on, and i would go back home crying to my Mum and asking why i had to be dark and not brown. She always consoled me saying " Black is beautiful, black is gold my daughter"

I do hope you enjoy my journey with me as we see Black Gold get bigger and Better.

Thank you very much for your time.

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  1. You have beautiful skin:) Dark skin is sexy!


Thank you all for ur lovely comments