Saturday, April 28

Freaky Friday...

Back to work and back to my little niche,Room 23.
Last Friday night i played around with my face, i turned on my Friday night play list and got face painting...

I am quite shy when it comes to colour so i usually keep my make up simple. I love black eyeshadow and i usually, most of the time will only wear a smokey eye. But last night i ventured out of my comfort zone and tried grey.
I also usually wear only red lipstick or just plain lip gloss.
Items i used.

Seeing as my eye makeup was bold enough, i kept the colour on my lips very minimal and barely  noticeable.

P.S I have never tried this look as i find it very bold,and very "hey check me out" souda kinda look.
So what do you think, would i turn heads??

Tuesday, April 24

Monochromatic Trend.

Hello Fashionistas,
Its been a minute, but here iam, back in action, Yeey!

Am not a freak on trends unless i particularly like it. Not everything that is trending could be your style or may not even flatter you, for instance i never fell for the "print on print"trend, it was just too busy for me, so i just let it pass, it may look great on others but it just wasn't doing it for me.

I don't mind Pastel, as it gives off a low key, soft, delicate and ladylike vibes.

I however particularly like the monochromatic trend, the first time i heard it, i was like "mono what? Like i couldn't be bothered with it, if i couldn't pronounce the name, i probably wouldn't like it.
But i decided to check it out anyway and hey, here i am loving!
The monochromatic look is all about staying with one colour and just use different shades or tints to complete Ur look. I love it because its not restricting and allows you to play with any colour you fancy or that flatters and compliments your skin torn. 

Absolutly love, love how it looks on the nails, nothing weird and over done, just simply beautiful and can be worn by anyone.
Adorable,would you rock it?