Saturday, April 28

Freaky Friday...

Back to work and back to my little niche,Room 23.
Last Friday night i played around with my face, i turned on my Friday night play list and got face painting...

I am quite shy when it comes to colour so i usually keep my make up simple. I love black eyeshadow and i usually, most of the time will only wear a smokey eye. But last night i ventured out of my comfort zone and tried grey.
I also usually wear only red lipstick or just plain lip gloss.
Items i used.

Seeing as my eye makeup was bold enough, i kept the colour on my lips very minimal and barely  noticeable.

P.S I have never tried this look as i find it very bold,and very "hey check me out" souda kinda look.
So what do you think, would i turn heads??


  1. i love it! you should are beautiful

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by sweetie, would you like to follow each other?

  3. thanks for your comment in my blog, will follow you and hope you visit me again and follow back...between you look great with that eyeshadow.

  4. Your makeup looks very nice!! Check out my blog if you like we can follow each other!!

  5. Thank you ladies,thank you.

  6. You have beautiful skin, Remmy!! I like the makeup too; it's simple, but pretty! :)


Thank you all for ur lovely comments