Tuesday, November 29


Hello Fashionistas,
Today i present you with the talented Wambui Mukenyi's second collection called "Urban Chic".
When i received the Look book for this collection, i viewed every piece in owe, i wanted to OWN most pieces, all i could think was... "damn girl, you want to leave me bankrupt!"
The Urban Chic Collection ranges from play suits, dresses,shear tops,tights, dramatic shouldered blazers bags and accessories, all beautifully tailored in a mix of African print,shear,lace and leather.
The Urban Chic collection is very chic,playful and versatile, a collection suitable for every woman and any occasion.

Sunday, November 27

Room 23 - Party Rock!

                           Hello party people,

Yesterday we partied HARD in Room 23. My mood was high, make up done,hair did, play list was off the hook.,coke with ice and lemon was flowing.. . See having coke with ice and lemon gives me the illusion that there is Vodka in my glass (damn this camp!)
Well despite the fact that i would love to dance away under the influence, circumstances dictate otherwise :((  YET i  still  played my favourite party music and brought Room 23 DOWN!!
 Ooh yes,and i partied away alone...wicked right? i know! don't judge me,girls just wanna have fun.

Thursday, November 24

Iryn's Birthday Dinner.

Hola everybody,
This is what i wore to my friends surprise birthday dinner .
I love surprises, mainly because i like to see the overwhelming expressions on ones face...priceless! She was surprised and very happy which was satisfying to all of us for contributed towards making her day special.
It was a working day, so we just went to Fung Fung Chinese restaurant and gained more weight with lots of food and cake....ding ding extra 10kgs :(
We talked and laughed so hard,we were the last to leave, great times with great friends.

Friday, November 18

Fashionista's Night Out.

Hey there divas,

I really enjoyed my time off, i was able to attend a fashionista's night out which was held at the Golf Course Hotel pool side. Not quite as interesting as the last one but luckily the music was great and i was with friends so that calls for a good time right? Well we later joined the boys at a bar and partied away...with me drowning in alcohol like a kid in the chocolate factory...hihihihi :))

Monday, November 14

New In; Red and Hot Pink

A girl can never get enough of shoes right? if only i had the resources to buy one everyday i would be the happiest...well i guess am just like any other girl :)

Friday, November 11


Hello beautiful people,
So today am super excited... i am heading home  to the city, after a long week of work and online exams ( explaining why Ive been MAI ..)
Am off for a week's break and honestly all i can think about is getting wasted,i will definitely be drowning myself in everything TOXIC! ...looking forward to some shopping,sleeping in late,snuggling up in bed all day and watching movies while all of you will be working...:) and yes and blogging so stay hooked.
I guess its time to pay back for my lonely,alcohol free nights in my 4 walled Room 23 (which i honestly will miss)

Just a sneak peck of what the camp looks like, hopefully will post pictures of Room 23  when i get back.