Thursday, November 24

Iryn's Birthday Dinner.

Hola everybody,
This is what i wore to my friends surprise birthday dinner .
I love surprises, mainly because i like to see the overwhelming expressions on ones face...priceless! She was surprised and very happy which was satisfying to all of us for contributed towards making her day special.
It was a working day, so we just went to Fung Fung Chinese restaurant and gained more weight with lots of food and cake....ding ding extra 10kgs :(
We talked and laughed so hard,we were the last to leave, great times with great friends.
The birthday girl
Thank you all sooo much for stopping by every now and then and for the lovely comments.
Stay blessed.


  1. looks like a lot of fun indeed! You all look great :)

  2. The birthday dinner looks great! I love surprises, I wish someone organized a surprise birthday party for me one day :)

  3. you look gorgeous!!! lovely photos.

  4.'re really beautiful and your blog is fantastic!
    ciao my dear friend and see you soon!


  5. you have amazing t-shirt!
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  6. Happy birthday to Iryn - the dinner looks scrumptious and you are looking good. Hope you all had a fun time. Happy weekend to you;-)

  7. love that top! hope you can check our my blog for some +vibes and inspiration!xo


Thank you all for ur lovely comments