Friday, September 30

The Royal Ascot Goat Race.

This is a day that is never really about the goats. Its pretty much a fashion event as opposed to watching goats race. Lots of beautiful people, hats,dresses and heels, food ,music...Well its supposed to be the equivalent of the Royal Ascot , but i mean why use horses when we have goats? trust Ugandans to get any excuse to party..."social event" now how could we miss that!
Its however always nice if you have an invite to a hospitality tent. Here you find great music, free food and drinks. A place to relax and mingle "after" watching the race, are u kidding me!  we natives hit the tents before,during and after the race, we leave the tourists to watch the goats race.
No offence but i mean these guys run around our backyards, streets, we even play with them, so Noooo i ain't donning high heels and a cute dress to go watch them goats race.. am hitting the tents tout suite!
Luckily my friends and i had invites to 2 tents, so we just did what we do best...socialise.

An overload and not so clear pics from the event. It was a sunny and bright morning, got cloudy and rainned in the afternoon,then the gods were merciful and let us party the night away...

My dress was made by the amazing Wambuyi, a Kenyan designer, thanks babes,i love it. Check out  her WEBSITE

ribbon cutting to open the ceremony

My bfs killing it on the dance flour.

P.s, Sadly the winning goat gets eaten! i mean reeeally...why race? fight for Ur winning rights goats!!

Thursday, September 22

2 Shows,1 Night

I was a very busy woman on this day, i had 2 shows to attend, one was a cooperate show, "Maurice Kirya live" at the Serena Hotel, a MUST attend, only time i was actually in town for one of he shows and there was just no way i was missing it, i would be caught dead if i had to miss it. Its bizarre but i actually went for the show alone...yeah i know am that big a fun! well i founds some friends at the show,and i had an awesome time.
I love Maurice's music. He is an amazing and engaging performer with a voice that is soothing to the soul, i could go on forever with Maurice....ooh did i mention he is also handsome? just marry me already dude!!

The second show, was by Jose Chameleon, at Hotel African,launching his album as well, most of my friends where there so i had to rush after the first show, or else i would be dead. Thank God the hotels where close so i was in time to watch the main man is action...
with the amazing Tshila

I loved her dress ,by Stella Atal



I had a lovely time for sure.
P.s; i made the designed the dress i wore,would you wear it?

Tuesday, September 20


OMG....look at the painting that finally made it to our first love! Remember the one that was already sold out? yeah that one!!

So the story behind how i finally ended up with the very first painting is beautiful.
I went to pick up my painting, the following day in the afternoon. while at the reception,  i and a lady called Ruth who had also come to pick up her art piece engaged in a conversation and this is how it went;

Ruth; so are you here to pick up an art piece?
Me; yes
Ruth; So am i, what piece and which artist
Me; Shell Picking by Edison
Ruth; Really me too, am getting Sunset by Edison as well
Me; WHAT, that was the piece i preferred but was already sold :(
Ruth; Really? You can have it, bought it for someone so they don’t really know what they are expecting.
Me;......................GET OUT!!......

We the conversation pretty much ended there as the rest of the story is PG rated, you know all that shit of me kissing her and all......yeah you don't wanna  know all that.

Art makes life more enriching! what do you think?

Saturday, September 17

Art Exhibition

Apart from fashion, photography and traveling. Art is another of my passions, be it visual art or performing art, am intrigued.  Am amazed by the power of art; it essentially tells a story and is a form of communication with another human being that is indirect but deeply profound. Art has a tendency to deeply move my soul, and apparently it (my soul) is not biased in anyway whatsoever. My love for art cuts across all classification; from fine art,to commercial art, modern art and applied art, if it triggers a happy nerve in my heart,my soul will be moved. However weather i buy it or not is another story all together.

On this day, my friends and i were invited to go view 25 artists showcase their work at Kabira Country Club.
It was a well organised exhibition i must say, free drinks, good crowd and the art on display was stunning.
It was quite hard to pick my favourite,but at the end of the day i had can not love two men equally right? right!
By the end of the evening, a beautiful piece was selected. There however is an amazing story about the actual art piece that we paid for and the one that finally found its home on our living room wall....something to do with the deep connection the piece and i had from the moment we first laid eyes on each other....but that's a story for another day, so stay hooked.

 Let me introduce you to my favorite piece,my attraction of the night...Sunrise by Edison. Which sadly was already sold :(
And this was my second favorite piece,also by Edison, and also happened to be my housemate Rachel's favorite, so she wanted us to take this one and since it was my second favorite and was available we settled for it...
 We later went to Cayenne, where Bebe Cool a local artist was celebrating his birthday. Lots of good music, cake, happy people and wine and i am a happy girl....

Et viola!