Thursday, September 22

2 Shows,1 Night

I was a very busy woman on this day, i had 2 shows to attend, one was a cooperate show, "Maurice Kirya live" at the Serena Hotel, a MUST attend, only time i was actually in town for one of he shows and there was just no way i was missing it, i would be caught dead if i had to miss it. Its bizarre but i actually went for the show alone...yeah i know am that big a fun! well i founds some friends at the show,and i had an awesome time.
I love Maurice's music. He is an amazing and engaging performer with a voice that is soothing to the soul, i could go on forever with Maurice....ooh did i mention he is also handsome? just marry me already dude!!

The second show, was by Jose Chameleon, at Hotel African,launching his album as well, most of my friends where there so i had to rush after the first show, or else i would be dead. Thank God the hotels where close so i was in time to watch the main man is action...
with the amazing Tshila

I loved her dress ,by Stella Atal



I had a lovely time for sure.
P.s; i made the designed the dress i wore,would you wear it?


  1. Really love your african dress and the way that you wore it


  2. very beautiful...n this is the day that i wish i cud change am glad u had fun

  3. I know love and i wished i was with you that day to see u though.



  6. i love the dresses especially yours the yellow one! gorgeous!

  7. Your dress is gorgeous, I would totally wear it!!


Thank you all for ur lovely comments