Saturday, September 10

DIY- Bangles and loops

Hello there,
Its been a loooong time since i last posted anything, been away on a short break and all i wanted to do was party and do me. Went to lots of events, so i have alot to share with you all.

On one of my "me only" evening sessions at home, alone,housemate away, watching Single Ladies and sipping on wine, i decided to work away....found old bangles and earrings i never wore but i had stashed them away just in case i ever needed them, so i made me self new bangles and earrings!

Before- old bangles and loops
  I cut pieces of string from a piece of tribal African fabric i have and just wrapped the fabric over the dilapidated accessories and...viola!
Do you like them?
  I loved loved them and later rocked them that night with a denim jumpsuit on a quiet evening out with friends.


 So what do you guys think? do you love them or what? 


  1. Really?coming from you i am flattered...thank u dear.

  2. aaaww from the coolest designer in Kenya..thank u dear.

  3. AMAZING... you are a great afroblogger!!! i love the idea!! i will try it very soon!! thanks for following dear. i'm following you back!!! your blog is so...AFRICAN and i like it!kisses


Thank you all for ur lovely comments