Tuesday, September 20


OMG....look at the painting that finally made it to our house....my first love! Remember the one that was already sold out? yeah that one!!

So the story behind how i finally ended up with the very first painting is beautiful.
I went to pick up my painting, the following day in the afternoon. while at the reception,  i and a lady called Ruth who had also come to pick up her art piece engaged in a conversation and this is how it went;

Ruth; so are you here to pick up an art piece?
Me; yes
Ruth; So am i, what piece and which artist
Me; Shell Picking by Edison
Ruth; Really me too, am getting Sunset by Edison as well
Me; WHAT, that was the piece i preferred but was already sold :(
Ruth; Really? You can have it, bought it for someone so they don’t really know what they are expecting.
Me;......................GET OUT!!......

We the conversation pretty much ended there as the rest of the story is PG rated, you know all that shit of me kissing her and all......yeah you don't wanna  know all that.

Art makes life more enriching! what do you think?

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