Sunday, October 30

Room 23

Hello beautiful people, As some of you may know by now, i work in a remote site in the western side of Uganda, very beautiful place i must say.Click here to see a previous post i did on it.
I live in a camp and its sometimes the most tiring and excrushiating job ever. I work from Monday to Sunday...(no kidding) for four weeks and go back home to the city (Kampala) for 1-2 weeks. This may seem like an amazing rotation as i get to do just me for 1-2 weeks after every 4 weeks...BUT there are some restrictions during my time in camp :((
1)There is a no alcohol policy. 2)You work and live in the same area . 3) When its gets to a Friday, am never really excited, work is pretty much the same throughout the weekend...4) My weekends are the hardest as i envision my friends parting the night away and lounging through the weekend...i think that would have been a little bit bearable if only i had alcohol to see me through...*wipes tear*

Everyday i look forward to the time i will head back to Room 23, my 10-10square meter room. My little niche were i withdraw away from everyone and try to be me.
See the camp is full of about 150-200 men from all over the world,and 4-10 women,depending on the work at the time.
 In this "man's" world, Room 23 is where i get to be me...a woman! This is where i do all things beautiful.... making up...playing dress up..acting up..taking pictures...dancing alone with my "party rock" music blazing in my ears... (yeah,yeah, yeah....don't judge me!)

Monday, October 24

AFRICA FASHION WEEK-Day 3 (Faschini/AFI FastTrack)

 Fasttrack began in 2011 to help young talented South African designers usually from design schools in South Africa, to help them get recognition in the industry. This is sponsered by African Fashion International and Faschini. The young designers who came out prosperouse were Mia Kriek,Thoki Tafeni and Chelsey Wilson. They had the oppotunity to showcase their S/S 2012 collection at the Faschini/AFI Fasttrack.
Below are a number of their designs. Who of the three do you think is going places ?
Thoki Tafeni

Sunday, October 23


A continuation of AFW Day 3, showcasing their S/S 2012 Collection were; Lalesso, Maita,Intisaar,Colin Ratisai and Bisma.


By the third day of AFW, the world was sure African is rapidly and steadily on the rise.
Bellow is a selection of S/S 2012 Collections from Laquan Smith, Mustafa Hassanali,Taibo Bacar, David Tlale, Lola Faturoti and Bunmi Koko.

                                                                           Laquan Smith


Soucha S/S 2012 Collection blew me away i had to have a separate post for him! Check it out and tell me what you think?              

Saturday, October 22


A continuation of Day 2 of AFW. Bellow is a showcase of  Spring/Summer collections from Jacob Kimmie, Madam Wokie,Adam Paris,Eki Orleans and Dax Martin.
                                                                                Jacob Kimmie       
                                                                                   Madam Wokie

                                                                                                                  Adam Paris

                                                                                                                Eki Orleans 

                                                                                                                   Dax Martin


Jacob Jimmie,showcased an elegant and classic collection,sheer raffled blouses that you couldn't help but fall in love with! Am getting obsessed with sheer every passing day.
I loved the fact that Adam Paris of all made use of African fabric, known to us as the "kitenge". His two and single piece swim suits where soo beautiful...or was i biased because its fabric easily accesible to me and he actually used the kitenge in all his pieces showcased with a touch of leather. Until him,no one fully utilized African fabric,despite the fact that i expected it to be predominant.
When i saw Eki Orlean's collection,all i could think of was "peacock,peacock" and who doesn't love that very proud elegant bird!



After day 1 ,i was yearning for more and i definatly got SERVED!
Day 2 of AFW commenced with Gloria Wavamuno's S/S 2012 collection, our very own Ugandan designer. Her collection consisted of double slitted thigh high maxi skirts,hareem pants,a bit of fur and leather...a very flirty collection i must say, she surely did us proud.
                                                                           Gloria Wavamunno

Friday, October 21


Yestarday Africa Fashion Week started with a BANG!  With the world watching, these African designers damn surely dint disappoint, like i said "be scared people,Africa is unstoppable!!"
Below is an overload of photos from the show.
                                                         Mataano Spring/Summer 2012


 Marianne Fassler 
                                               Stefania Morland                                                                                        

                                                                        Alexandar Koutny

Kluk CGdT 
I am in love with all the collections, they leave me yearning for more. My favorite 3 not in order would have to be;
Mataano, this very playful collection with a mixture of tropical florals,and nude left me in owe! i think its a very chic,elegant and classic collection.
Stefania Morland,her collection mainly consisted of grey,metallic,and black,colours which lately am strongly drawn to. She however had me with the shear beaded tops.
Kluk CGdT was just heavenly...enough said!

Who was your favorite designer and why?