Sunday, October 23


Soucha S/S 2012 Collection blew me away i had to have a separate post for him! Check it out and tell me what you think?              


Soucha's EXTRAVAGANT collection was jaw dropping, i was mesmerised,and with every picture i opened...i knew i wanted to go back in time to ancient Egypt!
With an Arabian and Middle East influence, i envision models sashaying down the runway looked every bit like Egyptian goddesses.
His collection consisted of flour length pieces, in chiffon and silk,embroidery,black veils that gave a Gothic touch,turbans in different sizes in amazing prints, elaborate statement jewellery you couldn't miss...
The male models were just pure eye mean,lean and strong i could stare FOREVER!
And to top it all off,the makeup was simple and beautiful, the models looked like Gothic-tribal royals!
Soucha took me to a place i never want to leave! I need to get me a Kaftan because i could TOTALLY rock it.


  1. you're right the make-up is amazing!! This collection is great, love it!

  2. Gorgeous! And those men! Haha
    Thanks for sharing doll! Take care!


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