Wednesday, December 19

Je' arrive

Hello darlings
Arrived safely in the beautiful,beautiful,fashionistic Paris.

Thank you for the journey masses.

Sunday, December 9


Happy Sunday beautiful people,

I come with the awesome-st news ever! its official, i will be going to Paris in a week's time.
I have always dreamed of a white Christmas and yes i know it rarely snows in Paris but i do hope it does this time round. My first wish has already been granted, all HE needs to do is sprinkle some snow flakes, not a whole mountain, just a few so i can have a White Christmas.

I am truly lucky to have been to Paris before,about 5 years ago, i went with my friend Shirley and we had an awesome time, but we were 2 young girls and very new to the place so we were quite skeptical to try anything out of the book least any of us gets lost or arrested. We were fresh out of Uni and we were timid but it was a great experience.
But am a grown woman now, very eager, more adventurous  better fashion sense, and in a better state to truly appreciate Paris.  
My friend Shirley now works and lives in Paris, which should make going around alot easier as now i will know where my boundaries end. So going back to Paris at this age and time is mind blowing, the last time we went in the summer and we did what every tourist does, visit the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Champs-élysées, Chateau de Versailles and went to the outskirts of Lyon which was beautiful. A Paris Christmas experience should be different and hopefully equally good or better.

This time round, i would love to experience Paris like a true Parisian, call me the Ugandan Parisian:)  I have many things i would like to do that i wasn't able to the last time. I would like to explore Paris in its true fashion-is-tic and artistic glory. I will take lazy walks along Avenue des Champs-élysées , check out the designer store (it doesn't hurt to window shop now does it?) stop at the little cafés and restaurants along the way, and yes just sit and look at people and take pictures.

I most definitely would love, love, love to stop at Ladurèe, and despite the fact that am on a tight budget, i will love the high tea experience  tea and yummy macarons by the widow watching Parisians go about their life...damn even if its just one macaron!... It is the perfect recipe for undecidable chic!


I want to get lost in the beautiful streets of Paris in the early evenings, go to the nearby bars and cafes, check out the Opera, Eiffel tower and the Louvre again at night,am sure the night view should be breathtaking with all the Christmas lighting. Get lost in the beautiful never ending gardens of the Chateau de Versilles. Take the train to where ever and explore, check out some of the hidden little vintage shops, go to one of the Christmas flea markets, stay in and warm up to a cup of hot chocolate or preferably a glass of wine, afternoon walks along the banks of the Seine River, and ooh yes most definitely try ice skating. Yes i know it seems like too much to do, but yes,yes,yes God willing, i hope to accomplish every thing in 3 weeks.

It even gets better, we will be going to Brussels and Rome for a day or 2 in each if all goes well, so i get to shoot 3 birds with one stone. I am beyond excited and grateful, i was to go in the summer but i postponed it, and a few months ago i almost cancelled it all together, but with an amazing support system of family and friends, i was able to pull through and still go ahead and plan for my trip, and am more than glad i did, it will be the much needed holiday after almost 6 years, and i have my God to thank for everything, it wouldn't be possible without HIM.
I am going to have an awesome time, i see it, i feel it and i cant wait.
Grous bisous.

Thursday, December 6

DELUXE ~ Chanel Iman

 Happy Thursday everybody,

 How gorgeous is Chanel Iman in the December issue of Deluxe, she is one of my favorite models and boy ooh boy doesn't she make staying petite and fit seem easy! Out goes the coffee and sugar, in with the green tea and water, DAMN mama's got to get her sexy back!


Tuesday, October 30

SnapShot ; Me~ Photo shop.

Hello Everybody,
Hope your all having a lovely week.

I get really boring times while at work, so on sometimes i have to give myself a feminine check ,lock the door, play loud music,make up and take pictures. Just a reminder that life is beautiful.

Stay well, have a lovely Tuesday and thank you very much for stopping by.

Friday, October 26

Love is a Beautiful feeling.

 Happy Friday beautiful people,
Hope everyone is alright and living a life, today i bring you 2 things, 1 is photos around my work place. I took a well need walk around, you know that feeling when your confused, in pain and all you need is a long walk away from everyone,surrounded by nothing but God's beautiful non judgemental creation. A quiet walk alone, to think about your life, your now and future, that time when you know its time for you to sit back,smell the coffee, evaluate and restructure your life.

I am in love with the most amazing man right now, and we are two extremes, we are terrible together and we are really, really, amazingly mind blowing together as well. I hate the times when we are terrible together, but even through them i know i still love him and losing him is the last thing i would think of. And i adore the majority of the times when everything is OK, he brings out the best in me and how i feel is unexplainable. So don't get it twisted, i love him, through thick and thin, a calm sea never makes a good sailor.
I am so grateful to God for many things in my life and i think he has been very generous to me its high time i behaved more thankfully.
"Choosing to love inspite of all its complexities is the only freedom there is" Pierre Balmain.
If you choose to love, love with all your heart, if you feel its not worth it, redeem urself.
Have a lovely weekend beautiful people.