Friday, October 26

Love is a Beautiful feeling.

 Happy Friday beautiful people,
Hope everyone is alright and living a life, today i bring you 2 things, 1 is photos around my work place. I took a well need walk around, you know that feeling when your confused, in pain and all you need is a long walk away from everyone,surrounded by nothing but God's beautiful non judgemental creation. A quiet walk alone, to think about your life, your now and future, that time when you know its time for you to sit back,smell the coffee, evaluate and restructure your life.

I am in love with the most amazing man right now, and we are two extremes, we are terrible together and we are really, really, amazingly mind blowing together as well. I hate the times when we are terrible together, but even through them i know i still love him and losing him is the last thing i would think of. And i adore the majority of the times when everything is OK, he brings out the best in me and how i feel is unexplainable. So don't get it twisted, i love him, through thick and thin, a calm sea never makes a good sailor.
I am so grateful to God for many things in my life and i think he has been very generous to me its high time i behaved more thankfully.
"Choosing to love inspite of all its complexities is the only freedom there is" Pierre Balmain.
If you choose to love, love with all your heart, if you feel its not worth it, redeem urself.
Have a lovely weekend beautiful people.


  1. Such beautiful pictures. I also have to remind myself to be more thankful to God for all He's done. We can never be too grateful! Have a good day! :)

  2. I admire your blogging style and the pictures are just awesome, I love nature and natural beauty though do something with the lay out.
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