Tuesday, September 13

New In - Clutches

This is a very special post to me, seeing that all and i mean ALL the new clutches you see here where given to me by my mother...YES MY MOTHER!
I was beyond impressed by her taste,not that i don't think she has good taste, she has a good eye for fashion,but i would not take her shopping with me,as its would either be too short,too long, too thick,too dark or noth the right colour for my skin torn...like really mum!!
I remember when i was a teen i never wanted her to buy me cloths and would prefer if she gave me the money so i can shop for myself instead.
So when she called me up saying she had bags for me, all i could think... is ooh dear not again! but i chewed at my own words when i saw these AMAZING clutches.
I love them to bits, and i hope i can pass them on to my daughters one day...like they say fashion never fads!

The deep red and black are my favorite, they are vintage and have stunning gold details, is my Mum cool or what?


  1. i especially love the pink n brown big ones. ee but your mum is stylish

  2. Hahaha,thank u dear the same thought crossed my mind.


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