Monday, June 27

Mombasa Day1


Its been a while since i last wrote or posted anything, and the reason is that my friends and i went to Mombasa for a short holiday.
My besties,Danky Doreen, Iryn and i,went on a road trip to Mombasa and boy ooh boy it was not funny!! well at first we were all so excited because we would get to go through Nairobi Kenya and see all that is hyped about it..wrong!!

Well from Kampala to Nairobi was quite fun,we set off at night, had alcohol on board and we still had our energy and excitement,so we kind of talked shit, made lots of noise,got high and slept off.
Woke up at about 5amin the morning, freezing to death,bloody place was cold,so just picture me and Iryn cuddling just to get warm enough (why didn't anyone tell us to carry a sheet?) and to think Doreen had wanted to travel in a she would have frozen to death,well thank God she heeded to our advice and dint.

So,time check is about 6am and non of us can sleep...(((cold))) and no alcohol on board to warm us either...not funny!!
Well so we were wild awake,tired and hungry.We finally get to Nairobi stop and have us some breakfast.
There was no mambojambo like..stopping over,checking out the mall, walking the streets,entering a bar for a drink!! nothing of the sort,we were waayy to tired to think of it.

Anyhooo, we are back on the bus and heading for Mombasa...
By this time the excitement is gone, it gets really hot,we are no longer interested in the scenery or beautiful vegetation bullshit as anticipated earlier...we instead embark on the "are we there yet" QandA.

We finally arrive, took us 8 bloody exhausting hours,and all we wanted to do was check into the hotel and rest....wrong!
We checked in to the beautiful Royal Courts Hotel,in the city center,my girl Iryn and i are sharing a room... and suddenly we not tired at all, we turn on the TV music channel and get stupid...,have dinner,get dressed and hit the club to check out Mombasa's night life...yeey!

My roomie...

Tuktuk..cute litle bike.i.e taxie,we LOVED it.

Hope you had as much fun watching the pics as we did in reality :)


  1. nice Remms,
    Black Gold huh! you're are so into oil....

  2. im taking a road trip but to dar, what hotel is that. it looks nice.

  3. its the Royal Courts hotel,Dar should be nice,have fun.

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