Friday, July 1

Mombasa Day 2

Have you ever written something so good and beautiful you wondered why you haven't published a book yet??... yeah i do!
Yesterday i wrote a detailed story about our second day in Mombasa,it was so good to be true bloody thing refused to publish and all my attempts to retrieve my data were fatal...guess my talent was not meant to be discovered so soon.

Sadly i really cant be asked to start over again, so now your going to  have to watch the pictures and make up your own imaginary story of our second day was like :)
Hints; it was a long,boring day and had bad vibe followed us all day, we were stopped from getting out of the hotel in shorts or short skirts (pretty much everything Iryn and i carried were waaay above the we would be arrested,oooh yes i aint kidding!(religious factors),however u could walk naked at night if u wanted,no problem (entertainment factors i guess).
It rained,we dint get to swim,Doreen didn't get her hair done,Iryn dint get her tattoo and i dint get to ride the camel...3 disgruntled ladies just 0_0

Later however was quite interesting, we went to a different club called Florida and we WOKE literally WOKE UP! i mean we went from feeling tired and low,to shocked, grossed out, embarrassed, empathetic,and finally to getting down and jiggy with it. ooh and cameras were prohibited!!
Well lets just say the male spices would be excited in club Florida...yeah i said it!!


Cant remember what time we got back,but we were tired, drunk and hungry as hell! apparently Florida hit us so hard,we got shocked out of our skin,we lost track of ourselves and time...LOL

Mad love.

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