Monday, July 11

Mombasa Day 3


With the mother of hangovers, we decided to spend the sunny morning at the pool,which luckily was at the rooftop of the hotel...phweee refreshing!
We later went to Fort Jesus,as we walked around, all i could think about was "can we get back already?" clearly i was still hangover!

Aside from the pounding headache, my girls were traveling back that evening, leaving me all ALONE! i had mixed feelings,i hated them for leaving me but then again it wasn't their fault my flight was booked for a later day ( i assumed we would have so much fun wouldn't want to leave...ptss)
After taking my besties to the airport,i decided to take my sorry self down stairs to the casino, chatted with the strangly texcited bar maids ( i had to check myself to be sure i dint have some kind of willy showing)
Got drunk as hell,went to bed and had a long ,scary,sleepless night alone without my roomie,how drunk i was dint seem to matter nor help :(


  1. am so jealous hihi you look great x

  2. lol..dont be,thank u dear :)


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