Friday, June 3



I  haven't been here in a while,and just thought i should drop in..just so my blog doesn't go to sleep...:-)
Had a long week,you know end of the month paper work and shit,that comes along with it,and everybody thinking you owe them time.Well anyhow that is stamp,filed and well and done with, about time that month ended anyway.

So its a new month and am excited, don't know why but i am, positive vibes are all over the air and hopefully i accomplish alot of what i want to and will have a quick,happy and very fruitfull month. so help me God!

Tomorrow i will be going for a boat ride to another camp and am excited, i get to go out of this camp and onto the lake with the surrounding hills and mountains of Congo...yeeey...damn i cant wait!
Will let you know all about it and post pics soon.


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