Thursday, June 9

One day...

Hello fashionistas,

Hope Ur all having a healthy and beautiful life, today am going to share with you some of the things i love and am sure i will get one day (fingers crossed) yeah am that optimistic.

Shoes,shoes,shoes..every fashionista has a passion for shoes,am sure all girls love shoes,how much we love them is what varies though,but we all love shoes.
I on the other hand,is a shoe freaks,just like most girls i know, i would happily sleep hungry but buy a shoe on any given day, sadly yes.
Below are 2 of my favourite designers,*drum roll*....Christian Loubotin the French man and Gianmarco Lorenzi the Italian,they are God's gift to women.
It looks like all good things come from France and Italy,they understand women!Cant wait for the day i own one of their designs.

Now who can go wrong with a classic sassy over sized watch?? trust me, no one, my mum owned one of these Micheal Korz's below but got stolen,and i always thought it was turns out i wasn't wrong, so you can only imagine the influence she has on me,....hopefully i can replace her stolen one and get the same for myself...timeless style*power ladies*

Cars,ooh cars,not a huge fun of them,cant really tell engine capacities,fuel guzzlers and all that crap,i will leave it to the men,so i guess i would have to bring along my brother or the man in my life at that time (if there is) when i purchase a car.
Otherwise who wouldn't love a cute automobile to go along doing their business...i know i would.

For those who know me, u know i love taking picture,and a good camera would do any woman justice,weather you decide to photo shop them or keep them original,its all up to you, i just love to have lots of picture for future reference,you know show my children, memories of friends and relatives,an achieve to look back to,from time to time...


a classic from the pigalle collection *sigh*

Christian Loubotins...give me any day...bleeding bottoms!!

Gianmarco Lorenzi....rain drops!

Am not good with cars,so anything,cute and curvy is perfect for me :)
Micheal Kors 2Tone Chronograph watch

Micheal Kors 2Tone C Garyson watch

Canon 5D Mark 11
 There you go, family,friends and lovers,now u have an idea for birthday and Christmas presents :)


  1. Remmy Remmy... this one is to like.

  2. Hey anonymous,please,please leave ur name:),thx for commenting,am glad you agree,they are must have's right?*prayers*

  3. i want all the above but the heels. i only wear killer heels when i have to so i wont be stacking them up but ofcourse any other shoes.

  4. thx for ur comment Mbabazi,am glad we share alot in common.


Thank you all for ur lovely comments