Saturday, May 21


So am sure there are many ladies and even men out there who own something of exotic skin or animal print.
Now do not get me wrong,i love all kinds of animals as long as they stay in their own comfort zone and DO NOT attack me.

I love dogs, yes i also like the charming cats and i hope that one day i can own a leopard for a pet, i think they are very beautiful and graceful animals.
I however DO NOT do snakes,small,big,petite,tiny,humongous....whatever  i do not care!! as long as it crawls,is shinny and looks like the animal that seduced Eve (yes am religious) i don't like THEM!

Just adorable...ooh how i hate snakes!
Despite the fact that am an animal lover,i cant be asked to protest against anything got from animal skin,i do agree its criminal to kill animals to make shoes,bags,belts etc but don't blame us who buy,somethings are just very irresistible that even the animal activists themselves backslide and cant help but have a bit of them.
I don't understand though why some of the activists think its okay to eat meat but not use the skin of a dead cow? i said somethings are just irresistible....
So there there you go,crucify me for all you want,i love me some exotic skin and prints....and if you the fashionable lady...they are just a must have.


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