Friday, May 20


Hello beautiful people,

Welcome to my blog

So i finally started a blog,and i mean a real blog,i do have a blog with tumblr but it does not give me the satisfaction and audience i need,You get more followers or become very popular depending on the pictures you post.don't get me wrong, some pictures are great and artistic, but in my opinion,blogs are supposed to be more literature/ writing and sure pictures to back up your writing sometimes,however followers were more interested in the pictures you posted as opposed to what you wrote.
I believe you should be able to connect with your followers and people you follow depending on your interests and beliefs.

So here i am with a new blog,which i think and hope will be the right platform.
I intend to use my blog as a dairy, a platform to air out my views on life,fashion and love, as well as to show you the things and people i am passionate about.

So sit back,relax,enjoy and lets see what i have to offer.



  1. love the blog! it is awesome..just went through all of your posts. i am now following :). you can stop by mine too. would love to feature you on mine. xoxo

  2. Thank you so much dear,am beyond flattered and would be hounoured too.thx

  3. OOPs just went through your blog swiry and its awesum,,ama follow you and i hope u goin to follow me:_)ciao!!!!!!!!


Thank you all for ur lovely comments