Thursday, May 26


Well am sure by now you've all heard about this trend, but damn this trend has totally hit me with a bang, and i mean a BANG, am not a big fun of what is trending (well sometimes...yeah OK whatever i a am!)
And the beauty about it, is even if it went off fashion, you could always team them up with a silent colour and ur good to go any day... 

Gucci spring collection

Color-blocking to me is one of the best trends for me this season because of how much it brings out in a person, its impossible for you to walk into a room and go unnoticed , I particularly love it because it gives people the option to jump out of the box and be risky with colors without the fear of being seen as overly colored or tacky! Then again, there definitely is a fine line between Color Blocking and a ‘WACK’ combination of colors!


This red and blue Pattern reminds me of a piece of cloth i have at home, dint know what to do with it so we ended up placing on the table, now that i have an idea....hmmmm don't ask me where it went! copy that

For beginner's or if u don’t have an eye for colors (not a bad thing), start with a plain skirt or trouser and a different color of top then you can progress to three or even four colors, you will be amazed with yourself.
And for all my Ugandan sisters don't be afraid you wont be called a "muchope" (what they refer to girls from the northern connection),and even if you get called "muchope"....well just *roll ur eyes*whip ur hair*and walk walk fashion babie*....

Check me out!...not bad hey? yeah well be nice!!that's me in the bush,will surely post cooler ones when am back home.

Go wild and have fun beautiful people.


  1. Hahaha! likey! an so u knw for tht luk,a dnt mind being a muchope!

  2. @Pam,hahahaha,welcome to the muchope clan my sista.
    @Amanda,step into my shop any day gal...not sure which one though,lol

  3. just found a ug fashionish doing a happy dance

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  5. aaaaw thank you Mbabazi,am really flattered you think so.xo


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