Tuesday, August 2

Birthday Party

Hello there,

Like i mentioned before i had a joint Birthday party with my bestie Doreen....exciting!
On this day, i was the most stressed out girl,running around and trying to make sure everything is perfect before the do,which really wasn't a good idea as it left me looking pale and strained (the pictures show)
Absolutely had not make up on,well except for gloss, there was no power,so all the birthday makeup i had been trying out never got to be showcased...anyway luckily for me,i have amazing black skin that hides anything...*hides* (thank God) i dint even get to take a single picture of me showing off the whole outfit...how bizarre!
Anyway enough with the excuses,enjoy a few pics of my friends and i partying hard!
BD Divas

champagne shower...hihihii

aaaaww my little bf was in the house:)

DJ Aluda killed it the whole night..EPIC1
A big thank you to all my friends who came to celebrate with us,and to my girls for all the help,sadly i wasn't able to take pictures with all you beautiful mates to show but thanks alot, am blessed to have wonderful friends like you.
Dress by bebe,Micheal Kroz watch,animal print heels (here) and hair band.

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