Thursday, August 4

African Inspired Fashion

My face lights up every time i see African inspired designs on the catwalk..a little voice in me is scream "yeeey go Africa go!"  

African inspired fashion is the new rave in the fashion industry. This trend infiltrated the mainstream in 2010 and has received a significant presence in the runway at fashion shows all over the world. . While Western and other non-African Fashion designers have incorporated African elements in their designs, this trend is identified by the use of African print fabrics,
There are lots of great African designers all over the world and it breaks my heart to know that people are not madly in love with them. I love it because African fabric and designs are very versatile.
We however would rather splash and go all out in label stores than support our very own local designers.

However i must admit our local designers are expensive and not accessible to the ordinary man,forcing us at the end of the day to go to Mr.Price,and purchase a dress that costs less, or even better, go downtown to Owino and drown ourselves in millions of designs and options.
So i suggest they meet us half way...the fabric is bought and made in Africa anyway,so we deserve the right to be treated fairly...*hides* don't want designers killing me., then you can always ridiculously increase the price for Export.
Check out my sisters colour who is the copy cat?
                                                                    Gwen Stephani for LAMB

                                                                                 Paul Smith




Amazing shoes...the wedges are a must have!

                                                                      Jean Paul Gaultier

 And then our very own, my favourites, Stella Atal and Gloria Wavammuno;

                                                                         Stella Atal-Uganda

                                                                 Gloria Wavammuno-Uganda 
Madly in love with the blazers

                                                    Celebrities embrace African designs
                   Are you loving the African inspired looks as much as i am? (Pictures from the web)
                                                        Inspiring the at a time!


  1. Looooovvedd this post Love African Print :) x

  2. i totally love these am making a dress top soon out of these

  3. Great Racheal,will bring back a piece for u so you have no excuse :)thx love


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