Saturday, September 15

Babies Day Out

Hello there,
I am such a baby lover,  i think they are the cutes things in the world before they start giving you a headache, you could call me any day to baby sit and i will have your back.
So last month, i was feeling super broody and i hadn’t had time with these little monsters, so i took 4 of my friend’s babies on a play date. So being the cool auntie that i am, i took them for ice cream, 1 wanted to take them to the cinema for Madagascar3 but apparently some of them were too short, hahaha who would have thought of that! That couldn’t spoil our day and cheerful mood so we went for face painting and played away until their mommies come for them Sad smile. It was a day well spent and everyone was happy.
What worries me however, is that despite the fact that i want 3 children,i may end up with a football field of kids when i start having my own, hahaha well only time will tell.
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  1. Cute! 3 kids???? Is the 3rd the adopted one? lol

  2. Lolest lolest @Denis yes.... yes... lol

  3. hahahaha, no love the 3rd will still be ours!


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