Sunday, December 4

Xenson's "Futuristic Past Fashion Show".

Allow me to introduce you to Xenson, a talented multi-media artist from my very own country.
Last week he had a fashion show deemed "the Futuristic Past".
Xenson "Took us on a journey" as he put it.
Below are pictures from the Futuristic past, extrodinary pieces,made from bark cloth,sisal,calabashes,bamboo,dried banana leaves,you name it...all designs were very dramtic and every piece was a statement piece.
One lady commented that Xenson must hate women so bad if he could dress them up that way. 
I on the other hand,think that he is an amazing designer who isnt afraid to strech his imagination,using materials from mother nature...i am thinking thinking African Couture! correct me if am wrong.

Stella Atal also showcased her Heritage Collection.
 What do you all think of Xsenon? check out his website.Xenson
I think Lady Gaga should board the next plane to Uganda!
Have a lovely week everybody.

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  1. that fashion is indeed nice and futuristic.... it is actually called wearable art and it is intended to be accepted as a serious and unique artistic creation or statement. making any article of clothing or other wearable object typically involves aesthetic considerations . Wearable art, also known as Art wear or "art to wear", refers to individually designed pieces of (usually) handmade clothing or jewellery created as fine or expressive art. it is sometimes made of fiber and other fiber products like sisal.


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